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Hello! I'm a product marketing wizard + front-end coder and surfer living in the "Kale Valley" aka Park Slope, Brooklyn.

For me, it’s not hard to see the parallels between growth marketing and surfing. Stay with me here...

Before a surf trip, I dig into the data like swell heights, intervals, wind direction (thanks to the windfinder app) and tides. When I start a project, I examine what are the important metrics that will drive core growth given the vast sea of data noise, set up MVT, and avoid the distraction of surface level metrics to parse data for useful insights and behavior patterns.You need data in your quest for waves or a high tempo growth project.

But you want to look at the data altogether not just one piece, identifying gaps, insights and opportunities. A swell height or open rate alone doesn’t tell the full story.

As with everything in life, relationships are important, and you need to know the best way to build them. So say "hello" with a smile when you paddle out to the line-up. And a well-crafted "welcome" email series that speaks with an authentic voice can be the thing that converts a new customer.

Timing can be key. When in the customer journey should you engage? You need to know when to wait, and when to dive in for peak engagement.

Every job needs the right tools. I use data analytics tools (Looker, snowflakes) to ESP tool to preview and test designs across devices, browsers, and mail clients; to fix issues as they arise. And you need the right kind of board and gear to make your surf as much fun as possible.

But for me, most importantly, every experience in life is one you can learn from. You look at what worked and what didn’t. You iterate and reiterate, a continuous cycle of build, measure, learn and repeat. Paddle, turn, ride and repeat. Keep a growth mindset when you wipe out and catch waves with intention!

Whether it’s surfing or product marketing, you need to find a way to get in the zone and stay in it. A lifelong pursuit.